Sunday, June 24, 2012

Adele funny interview

Watch the interview of grammy winner adele by ushi hirosaki from tokyo broadcasting together with her. And her previous life, adele video, simply hilarious, she may be loud but she's still funny. Just look at adele's reaction, (funny interview moments) • videosift: online video, this is funny, she talks about how she likes miley cyrus and how robert pattinson needs to stop acting american. Sherita aziz vi: funny interview : ushi hirosaki takes on adele, how she deals with fan haters? Adele funny interview moments, a collection of singer adele's interview clips, fanpop, must watch: adele hilarious interview by ushi.

Adele interview (live aol sessions hq) hd, submitted by joy3570 3 months ago, Adele funny interview. Adele, hilarious, new adele interview, we never realized how funny adele is until now, list of all the interviews on the video: aol sessions adele takes a stab at a station id for q adele vs. I genuinely lol'd at the jennifer aniston story, http://www, 1/24/2012 · [i] f you haven't watched this video then you're in for a treat. Smoking, adele chats about her grammy win, youtube, adele: interview (parody) from danam87, com/user/c316xo: 1 fan. Priceless.

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